Bringing solutions into focus

In a nut-shell, we help make sense of what people do, why they do it and how they feel when they are doing it – to help you develop new products or services, tailor your communications, category or marketing strategies and tweak existing products/services to increase sales or loyalty. In essence this insight can help you get closer to your audience and ensure they remain engaged in an ever changing market.

The right tools for the job We draw on both qual and quant expertise, so you can be assured that we will always use the best method for your project both in terms of delivering clear insight as well as cost-effective solutions.

As well as strategic analysis and sound business knowledge, our toolkit includes:

Qualitative – workshops, groups, depths, carousels, triads, quads, observational, customer consultations, shopper missions, mystery shopping, projective techniques via online, face-to-face, telephone, accompanied shops, accompanied surfing.

Quantitative – online, omnibus, telephone, postal, face to face, mobile phone, advanced statistical testing, hall tests, panel recruitment, longitudinal research, social media.

One of the definitions of the word Kaleidoscope is 'a series of changing phases or events'.
We feel this is a perfect fit with what we do as we aim to bring a fresh perspective to every project.