About us

Rachel King & Debbie Kear founded Kaleidoscope in 2001.

We each have over 25 years experience which enables us to tackle a huge range of research challenges. It also gives us credibility when we work with senior audiences and a commercial awareness that can really add value for our clients.

Quite simply we love what we do!

….we love working out the best way to answer our client’s questions – we will always challenge the initial objectives to ensure we fully understand what the research needs to achieve

….we love listening to people and what they have to say

….we love finding the little nuggets of treasure and those ‘a-ha’ moments

….we love feeding back the insights to our clients with clear recommendations on what they mean to the business – we are most definitely not ‘fence-sitters’!

We are members of the Market Research Society and Independent Consultants Group which provide us with the perfect outlets to network, share ideas, keep abreast of new technologies, methods and trends. We never get bored of trying to learn and improve what we do which helps us to be big on ideas, creative project design and insight generation.


One of the definitions of the word Kaleidoscope is 'a series of changing phases or events'.
We feel this is a perfect fit with what we do as we aim to bring a fresh perspective to every project.